Graphic Design

what is graphic design?

Graphic Design takes an idea and communicates it visually through the intentional use of image and text. It is where the abstract becomes concrete. Graphic design takes both digital and tangible (typically printed) forms.

and why do I need it?

You have a story to tell. Whether it's the story of your company, product or mission, it's a story your clients need to hear. Great graphic design makes sure that story is heard. Made Midwest works with you to clearly communicate your brand through consistent colors, images and themes.

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Keep looking to see some ideas of how stunning graphics can help tell your story.


Let's define your look.

More than just a logo, your brand includes the colors, types of imagery and the tone of your messaging to communicate who you are to your clients.

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Give a strong introduction.

Your brochure can be a powerful introduction to your brand. Whether you opt for a rack card, classic trifold, or want to think outside the rectangle, let's work together to ensure your brochure tells your story.


Make your narrative worth reading.

A booklet gives you more room to tell your story. Use every page well to engage the reader and make your brand worth believing in.

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Make your giveaways memorable.

You don't know where you got it, but the local business' pen has become your favorite. The election is over, but you used that candidate's scratch pad for your grocery list last week. You still can't let go of that t-shirt even though it's pretty faded and the hem is unraveling a bit in the back.

Let's make your promo items something they reach for all year.

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