branding beyond the logo

Your brand is an idea, a concept of your company- and it exists in the mind of the consumer. A brand is the response your customer has to seeing your logo

If a brand is more idea than icon, how do you establish your brand? If a brand exists in the mind of your consumer, how do you create it? As humans, we do this all the time when we form relationships with individuals over time by listening to stories and sharing life.

Apply the basics of friendship to your business, and you understand branding. Branding is about building long-term relationships with your customers. Here are a couple of guidelines to get you started.

Be distinctive.

What is it that makes you stand out? Why should I give you my business?

Be real.

It’s not just about being as unique as you can be- people can spot a fake pretty easily. Share about who you are and what you do in an authentic voice.

Be consistent.

No matter where your customer finds you, you want them to have a consistent experience. Keep your messaging consistent visually and verbally.

Be a good listener.

Whether it's on social media or in private comment box, make sure that you are responding to your customers in meaningful ways. Adapt to and thank them for their feedback.

Be aware.

Take the time to make yourself aware of who your clients are and where you can find them. What does the average customer look like? Be aware of your audience’s habits and preferences and reach them right where they are.

Be valuable.

Connect with your customers in meaningful, valuable ways. Keep them coming back whether it’s to be inspired, to be educated, or to be entertained.

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